There is never a right time to walk away and in regards to this sneaker blog, the departure is swift. I love sneakers and I will always spend what I shouldn’t on having a few pairs of heat in rotation. The blog had a lot going against it from the very beginning. I never considered myself a sneaker head, I don’t have the arsenal in my closet. Even the blog’s title was probably not an original and by probably I mean there is a magazine already in rotation with the same name. I learned much about sneaker history and culture through established sites when I started this blog. Heat on Feet was about aspiration and although the blog didn’t catch on like I wanted, its trajectory is appropriate. By no means do I see the blog as a disappointment, it achieved everything it needed to. My passion for sneakers was solidified and I expanded my ability as a writer.

air jordan 7maple leaf

After 31 blog posts, 200 tweets, 47 Instagram posts and a forgettable Pinterest page, I’m retiring this blog in all its glory. A recent trip home reached a pinnacle when my sister gifted me with the “Royal Blue” Jordan 7s. An independent acquisition of the “Maple Leaf” Nike Dunk SB finalized my decision to end Heat on Feet as it began, with sneakers. My time with Heat on Feet may have ended, but my time as a blogger certainly has not. My writing just needs a new platform and fresh topic. The new blog titled Rio’s Reads will focus on my many other interests. There is no clear goal or direction compared to Heat on Feet, but I’m certain it will mold into something I can grow with. As long as I have feet I will love sneaks and as long as there’s feet I’ll always need that heat.

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The Return

hof 2

Spring is officially here and despite the pollen count’s best attempt at sidelining me I’m ready for the great outdoors. The month of April is near and dear to my heart as it’s the month of my birth. My generous parents and siblings made it possible to cop new heat and since I turned 23 I had to get the new Jordan 9’s. The shoes are sick but they’re not exactly an every day shoe, which means the pursuit of some new kicks continues. I’ve always been fortunate in April and the recent Nike releases are here to keep the good fortune going.

Nike-Flyknit-Lunarmax-Chukka SPWhen it comes to sneakers, comfort is essential and the Flyknit models are the comfiest sneakers out right now. The Nike Lunarmax Flyknit Chukka SP uses the Air Max 90 as the base for its outsole. The rest of the shoe is woven in a Chukka silhouette that allows the foot to breathe with its design. The shoe is done in a blue and white design with small speckles on the Nike check in grey. There currently is no release date on these kicks but as soon as there is, I’ll have pull the trigger and get this fresh release.

flyknit max

The Nike Flyknit Max is the most eccentric running shoe released this season. A stellar combination of Flyknit comfort with the Air Max bubble is what the Flyknit Max brings to the spring lineup. The Flyknit Max uses turbo green, orange and blue across the midsole to form a sleek design. The signature bubble stands out in turbo green and blue as one of the unique color schemes being released in April. These kicks have already made their way to retailers and are slated as a top running shoe in 2014.

Peace of mind can be difficult to attain, but I’ve always believed it starts at the feet. April is filled with sick kicks and it’s impossible to not miss out. A well timed birthday has put me back on track in my endless pursuit of #heatonfeet.

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Just Across the Pond

BP 3

The best way to avoid problems is to plan ahead and when it comes to sneakers, preparation is essential. I try to keep my sneakers in good shape but the daily wear and tear takes its toll on any pair of kicks. I’m currently witnessing the decline of my “Hawaii” Air Max 95s, they’re not near death but they certainly aren’t what they used to be. The cleanings have healed some of the wounds but their placement as my every day shoe exacerbates the injuries. The onset of the decline has triggered the need to look for potential replacements. After a few weeks of research, the two best candidates unfortunately are not in the U.S but across the pond in Europe.

black grape AM95 In early February I had come across information about a “Black Grape” Air Max 95 that had just hit the UK. The original “Grape” 95’s are one the freshest designs in that Air Max lineup. The “Black Grape” edition is inspired by the “Black Grape” Jordan’s, which are another favorite of mine. The midsole design fades from grey to black and the purple and teal accents give it the signature “Grape” look. The tongue is donned in purple and the lace loops are done in teal while the entire shoe sits atop a black sole. Maybe these shoes are too fresh for America right now but I’m hoping they’ll get stateside soon.

grey AM95 The Cool Grey/Light Crimson Nike Air Max 95 has hit the European shores and once again Americans are left out of their initial release. The midsole features different shades of grey and ends with a black accent. The orange on the Nike check and Nike bubble goes great with the shoe’s blue design on the lace loops. The final product stays true to the Air Max 95’s reputation of clean, comfortable, and classic designs.

 The current unavailability of these shoes is actually a blessing in disguise because it’s given me time to figure out how I’d actually afford a pair of these kicks if they hit the states. The arrival of spring temperatures in Austin, TX has me feeling refreshed and ready to find replacements for some of my current weathered #heatonfeet.

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It’s Almost Here

SX n

In a month the greatest event in all of Austin will commence and preparation is essential for this momentous week. The benefit of working in Austin public schools is spring break lands during SXSW and 2014 looks to be the biggest ever. My roommates and I have started to RSVP for the dozens of free events that week because if you’re spending money at SXSW, you’re doing something wrong. We take it so seriously that there’s a spreadsheet in circulation where all the free events are classified under food, drink, and music. The key to SXSW is to have bicycles, it makes travel simple and fun with the weather being so nice during March. I learned a lot about Austin last year at SXSW, one, the city’s inhabitant’s rock sneaker heat, and two, I should probably live there.  I’ll need two things this year, a good road bike and a sick pair of sneakers and I only have a month to prepare.

GL3 grey

Comfort is always the essential factor when it comes to the sneakers I purchase and Asics never disappoints in that regard. The Gel Lyte 3 is the cleanest design in the Asics arsenal and this spring is filled with new releases. The new release is in a Grey/Teal color scheme that uses a black contrast on the midsole. The design is finished with suede and mesh to provide stability and cushion. My favorite part of the color scheme is the speckled print on the bottom sole. The latest Gel Lyte 3 is a must cop this spring especially for all the walking and biking done during SXSW.

Kamikaze 1

The Reebok Kamikaze continues to churn out classic schemes and the Kamikaze 1 “Black/Red” The shoe is done in a black base with red stripes covering the entire shoe and a white Reebok logo to finish off the design. With spring being a few weeks away outdoor basketball will become the norm and these Kamikaze 1’s are the perfect shoes to keep my feet safe. The “Black/Red” Kamikaze 1 is my favorite Reebok release of 2014 but I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite soon if Reebok keeps up with this trend.

I have a feeling winter is starting to wind down in Texas and with the warming temperature, there’s much to look forward to. I’ve been looking forward to SXSW 2014 since SXSW 2013 and this year I’ll be better prepared. Who knows maybe during all the music, food and free booze I’ll expand the blog. In the midst of the festival madness, inspiration is everywhere especially when it comes to #heatonfeet.

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Mighty JI expected that my move to Austin would be filled with challenges, but every month something new has my focus. January of 2014 has been the epitome of a challenge; every week seems to be a new obstacle. Luckily I thrive in difficult situations and to admit my stubbornness is something I’ll avoid with success every time. I’ve began my task as a volunteer basketball coach and as the first game passed I’ve realized how much I have to improve as a coach. I’m fortunate the kids I have are tough and hungry to improve, attributes that can’t be coached. For all I know the next Michael Jordan is on my team and I could be the coach who got them to love basketball. With all this inspiration and determination going around I should probably cop some of the fresh Jordan’s coming out in February.

white infrared

NBA All Star Weekend is in two weeks and it’s always been a momentous time for sneaker releases. This year, two amazing Jordan 6’s will release simultaneously during ASG weekend. The “Infrared” pack brings back two iconic pairs of Jordan’s rich with history. The “White Infrared” 6’s was the shoe Jordan wore when he won his first championship in 1991. The shoe was designed for top of the line performance and comfort for “His Airness.” The color scheme is one of the cleanest to come out in 2014. The high top design is done with accents of black on the tongue and back. The infrared color on the sole is the best part of the shoe and makes the whole design pop.

red infrared

The second half of the pack is known as the “Infrared 23” which comes in a red design. Initially the red design was going to be done in suede, but in the end they went with a leather scheme. The shoe comes in a high top silhouette and uses black as the accent on the tongue and sole. The ice bottom sole looks sick on the strong red design. The “Infrared 23” is my favorite of the pack the red design is bold and fresh. This is the best release of February and makes ASG weekend a hit in the sneaker community.

It looks like I got two weeks to muster up some funds to cop at least half of the “Infrared” pack. Some have deemed 2014 the year of the 6’s, I wouldn’t go that far but February will be all about the 6. The timeless Jordan continues to be a juggernaut when it comes to that #heatonfeet.


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Snow Day

ATX snowWinter weather has closed AISD schools for the 2nd time in two weeks and I could not be more ecstatic. I love the work I do but I also enjoy the leisurely activities of a snow day and today I get to focus on the blog. I’ve been searching for inspiration to get me to blog regularly again and a recent purchase of Nike Penny V’s may have ignited that passion again. The upcoming months are going to be filled with great releases and first on the pallet is a pack of classics.

NB barber 3

New Balance launched the “Barber Shop” pack that includes a blue 1600, red 580 and grey 999. All three pairs of kicks are done in suede and mesh design to provide pristine comfort. The laces on all three are donned in a barber pole accent. Both the blue 1600 and red 580 are great designs that suitably pay tribute to the barbershop. My favorite of the pack is the design seen in the grey 999. The grey strongly offsets the red and blue accents on the midsole. This pack can be found now at local New Balance retailers.

NB barber grey

When it comes to the every day shoe New Balance appeases all with sleek designs being produced regularly. I’ve been in need of a clean casual sneaker for a few months now and I can’t pass up a fresh pair of New Balances. One thing is clear, I need to find a way to expand my #heatonfeet.

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Saddle Up

horses 2

2014 is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store with my job and of course, the blog. A burning thought I have every year, what do the Chinese say about the upcoming year? The Chinese zodiac has declared it to be the “Year of the Horse” and it promises to be momentous. There’s much to accomplish this year and before I can start, I’ll need to find the right pair of sneakers.

year of the horse

New Balance yelled “first” when they released images of the classic 574 donned with a Year of the Horse theme. 2013’s Year of the Snake saw countless sneakers using the Asian Zodiac as its theme. New Balance was at the forefront last year with several Zodiac designs being produced. This year’s clean design uses a red suede upper highlighted with gold and black accents throughout the shoe. The detailing on the shoe laces is one of my favorite parts in this latest New Balance creation. Word is New Balance is working on a few other renditions with the 574 pertaining to the Year of the Horse theme. It’s not known yet when this release will hit stores but the kicks are available at ID4shoes for early purchase.

The 574 was a staple in my sneaker closet growing up and as I’ve gotten older it’s become clear I need to put the 574 back in rotation. The Year of the Horse could soon become the Year of New Balance if they continue to produce designs like these. I’m optimistic that 2014 will be the best year for #heatonfeet.

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