Declassified: Heat on Feet

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It has been a week of disclosure for the CIA acknowledging that Area 51 does indeed exist. This compound is where the U.S military has been able to develop the modern stealth bombers used today. Now it’s time for Nike to fess up that they too had an office in Area 51 because their lineup of Area 72 footwear had to be created in the most secretive location in America. The image of Phil Knight jogging on the runway next to B-2 stealth bombers flashes through my mind.

The lineup of Area 72 came out this past February as the NBA All Star Game was getting ready to happen. We’ll take a look at some of the strongest selections that came out of this interstellar arsenal.


The Area 72 Air Force Max Premium is definitely my favorite Air Force Max design. The medium grey midsole with “Raygun” white dots are a strong base to the overall extraterrestrial design. The upper black portion in combination with the nebula sock liner is a remarkable grouping. The cosmic bottom is the best part of the shoe and really differentiates itself from prior Air Force Max schemes. The Velcro strap keeps this set of kicks from blasting off back home into the cosmos.


The Area 72 Barley Max “Rayguns” was a great release in February and the recent release of the “Gamma Green” editions had me looking back to this particular set of heat. The shoe laces were oddly the first thing I noticed in this mind blowing edition. The laces looked like the double helix of the human DNA which is perfect for this Area 72 edition. The black upper portion of the shoes is a strong accent to the “Raygun” explosion that is the midsole. The red on the bottom sole and on the Nike check makes the whole shoe explode with style. The glow gum sole follows along with the other releases out of the secretive Area 72.


The first time I caught a glimpse of the Nike Air Max Hyperposite was this past Christmas Day when Rajon Rondo pulled out the sick holiday edition. The Area 72 Hyperposite made solely for the beast that is Lamarcus Aldridge (from the great University of Texas) are so sick I think I’d punch a child in the face for a pair of them. Since that probably won’t get me any closer to getting these player editions I’ll admire from the distance of my blog. My favorite aspect of the shoe is the galactic print on the midsole and upper part of the shoe. I developed an All-Star post game just looking at the kicks only Lamarcus Aldridge has balled in. Nike needs to release these out to the public soon because they just might be worth spending a third of my rent for them.

Area 72 was a phenomenal idea for Nike to concoct and its imprint on the classics like the Barkley really says a lot to the creativity being produced right now. With regards to the Area 72’s, you best believe that shit is #heatonfeet.


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Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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