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garth in reebok

The resurgence of Reebok occurred steadily in the last year and it seems the formula was simple “retro or bust.” In all honesty I forgot about the heat that Reebok was churning out in the 90’s. It was hard to keep up being in elementary school and having parents not keen on my sneaker affection. Luckily at age 22 Reebok isn’t playing games anymore and going back to the editions that made them a top contributor to the sneaker game.


The Reebok “Kamikaze II” released on August 16th was the first to catch my attention on what Reebok had in store to release in August. The Seattle Sonics inspired color scheme is as lethal as the Kamikaze bombers the sneak is named after. Retro’s are always a safe bet in the sneaker game but making them from NBA teams that are non existent takes that to another level. I love the dark green, and the crazy midsole of the Kamikaze looks awesome with red and yellow being the accents. The shoe was meant to honor the stint that Shawn Kemp had in Seattle and reminds everyone of the talent that went through the Pacific Northwest.


My love for Allen Iverson runs deep, first of all the man was the “question” and the “answer” for Reebok, titles fitting to his style of play. Iverson was undersized, fearless and from Virginia, descriptions eerily close to me minus all the talent of course and his recent money woes (mine aren’t recent). The Reebok Question Mid “#1 Pick” which came out August 23rd is I think the freshest sneaker Reebok has released and will release this summer. The color scheme based on the 76ers jersey looks great on this Reebok Retro. The white speckled sole has the #1 on the back in honor of the phenomenon Allen Iverson. Reebok pulled itself out of a rut and maybe the current Philadelphia 76ers can return to relevancy as well.

Shaq-Attaq-1_thumbI felt the Question Mids were the freshest Reeboks to come out this summer but the Shaq Attack’s “Black” edition are the kicks I want to hoop in the most. The sneakers have a big frame and go up high on the ankle, meant for the big men. The material is both leather and suede in the midsole; the blue is for Shaq’s days in Orlando. The pump tech on the tongue is the signature mark of Reebok and makes this shoe perfect for the black top. Maybe it’s because I’ve been hooping outside since my move to Austin but since I first saw these I’ve been itching for a new pair of black top kicks I just got to wait for them to come out August 30th.

The critics say that Reebok’s Retro lineup is only successful because sneakerheads and aficionados have a false nostalgia to the 90’s sneakers. When the sneakers are based on talented teams or stars like Iverson and Shaq the nostalgia is never false. Reebok has been producing great color schemes and going back to their money makers which always lead the sneakers to be #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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