The Pursuit of Balance

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I like to look back and take inventory of the sneakers I’ve owned from time to time and in doing so I realized that I’ve owned a ton of New Balances. I had at least nine pairs in my early teenage years and everybody had the 574s my first couple years in high school. The main reason was footlocker had them in all types of colors and at 2 for $89.99, what parent could pass that up. My junior year of high school, I used my busboy tips to give myself 992s for Christmas and I didn’t even care about the $134.99 price tag because they are hands down the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned. I mean hell they were even made in America. The 992s are the only shoe beside the all white Air Force 1s (immediately scuffed) that I purchased multiple times because I walked them ragged (I don’t be jogging like that). I haven’t bought a new pair of New Balance’s lately but I know they’re always casual, comfy, and cost effective which is the triple Cs of the everyday sneak.


New Balance has been revamping the arsenal lately and came out with their British inspired “Tea Pack” line of the 576 model, a nod to the staple in the British diet. The pack comes in three different designs; the English breakfast, Earl Grey and Fresh Peppermint. The shoes use premium suede and mesh for the midsole and tongue, all crafted out of the Flimby factory in England. The tongue is designed to look like a tea label distinguishing these 576’s from the other lines released out of Flimby.

nb-tea-pack-4 peppermint

My favorite of the pack is the “Fresh Peppermint” which I’d call the “green teas” but hey that’s just what I be drinking. The “Earl Grey’s” are dope but a little plain in comparison to the Peppermint. I’m just a fan of the color green maybe it reminds me of my eyes (shout out to narcissism). The “English breakfast” edition makes me wonder what in the world they’re eating in the morning across the ocean; my only guess is its brown with a little orange and only good with tea. 2/3s of this pack was fire meaning I’d love to be rockin some of these British bombers in America.


New Balance decided to start another revolution when they came out with their American made M1300 “Rebels” pack. A title fitting to their headquarter location in Boston, Mass and an acknowledgement to the “Rebels” of the American Revolution from Boston. The M1300 “Rebels” pack brings a spark to the “made in USA” lineup as powerful as the Boston Tea Party. The release of the “Rebels” pack occurred in mid August and laid three new designs to the M1300 selection. The sneakers consist of the signature New Balance suede and mesh contrast in three unique color schemes.


The strongest out of the pack is the Royal and Navy blue design with the grey accent on the bottom. It is pricey to stay domestic, this pack is $160 a pair, a little too hefty for my taste of New Balance but the comfort will be unmatched I’m sure. The other two color designs stay true to the NB’s Boston roots; the N’s being in Celtic green and Sox red. The Royal blue is the loudest of the three which is a big factor when you’re in the $130+ range for sneakers.

I got a long history with New Balance and the future will be similar if they keep creating kicks like these. Whether the lineup is in honor of a Brits diet or being made in America New Balance is bringing out that #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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2 Responses to The Pursuit of Balance

  1. Vanessa says:

    This made me realize how much I like New Balances… and that I need a new pair

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