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Adidas went blitzkrieg in their pursuit of young talent to represent their iconic sneaker company. Every one of their commercials got 2 Chainz or A$AP Rocky rapping and their collaboration with Big Sean has produced one of the most awaited kicks of the summer in the “Pro Model II” (huge improvement from the first). Adidas been had Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, Jrue Holiday, Ricky Rubio and John Wall (less go Wizards!) holding down the point guard play in the league. These days, if your young and talented odds are Adidas has signed you, they even have the beast that is Robert Griffin III taking them to new heights from the football field. The Adidas #Allinforweek1 campaign was probably made within 30 minutes of RG3 going down and the return of D. Rose has everyone awaiting big things from the Adidas team this year.


Over a year ago I strongly considered purchasing the Adizero Crazy Light 2s, being one of the lightest basketball shoes out there I was enticed to acquire them. Sadly D. Rose went down with a torn ACL and the fact he was wearing the crazy lights was enough for me to not buy them. An odd deterrent but as the consumer I must take all aspects into consideration before putting my feet in any pair of basketball shoes. The Adizero Crazy Light 3s have me forgetting that D. Rose and RG3 blew their knees out as the new modifications revamp the line. The apprehension I had to the Crazy Light’s was that in pursuit of being the lightest basketball shoe there was a trade off in stability. The recent Crazy Light 3 thickened the ankle collar by 16% and added 4 layer SprintWeb technology to make the shoe more aerodynamic. The alterations have improved the grip and flexibility while still keeping the shoes light, weighing in at 9.4 oz. I like the loud color schemes of the Adizero so I would definitely hoop in the electric blues of this Adidas lineup, at $140 this could be the next gym shoes I get. The past is the past and I’m confident Adidas won’t lose so many stars to blown ACL’s this year.

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When it comes to running, Adidas is always coming out with breakthrough performance technology, the heralded Spring Blade line is a testament to that. The T-ZX “Purple Blast” is one of the sickest casual running shoes that Adidas has released. The synthetic upper portion of the shoe in combination with the TPU wrapped midsole offers pristine traction and support. The purple and black create a sleek design that is made complete with the translucent sole. Prices are ranging from $120 to $130 for these stylish kicks which is a fair price for all the comfort they provide.


The Adidas ZX-700 Blue/Red brought out one of the sickest color schemes I’ve seen this summer. The classic runner uses premium suede and heel stabilizing elements to provide strong traction and support. The strong contrast in blue and red creates a strong base to one of the freshest kicks to come from Adidas this summer. At $100 price tag these sneaks make themselves a strong temptation to anyone who’s tryin to cop that heat.

Adidas has created some great sneakers this summer and have combined style and performance into a harmonious union. As someone with a majority of Nike’s in their closet, the recent Adidas releases make me think that I may need to cop some of their #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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