Casual Heist


Subtlety is a necessity in the sneaker game the loud color scheme and design doesn’t fit in every environment. There are plenty of kicks out there that are appropriate for all ages and situations. I’m spending this year working as a bilingual literacy tutor I can’t be having the craziest sneakers on they’re going to be a distraction to the kids. The time is now to diversify the collection with tamer lineups for my work hours. Luckily Nike, New Balance, and Adidas provide the sickest sneakers to be comfortable, fresh, and subtle in any environment.


The Nike Air Max 1 is always a go to choice in most sneaker collections. I asked for a pair on college graduation, I passed up a class ring and went with a cheaper option, some sneakers. If the “Gorge Green” editions would’ve been out last May I’d be rockin em right now. Unfortunately these were only available in Europe until now making Americans consumers wait in suspense. The green looks great in leather on the mid sole and on the toe box, the mesh contrast completes this strong addition to the Air Max 1 lineup.

new balance CNCPTS

The New Balance 998 created in collaboration with Concepts goes all U.S Treasury in the “C-Note” edition. These pair of sneakers is designed with an array of colors which was apparently inspired by the new hundred dollar bill design. It’s going be a long time before I see a bunch of these new U.S Treasury C-notes but maybe a New Balance version will be more rewarding. This edition comes out of Boston and hits stores this Saturday with as much heat as Ben Affleck dressed as a nun and shooting off rounds in “The Town”. These are my favorite casual kicks coming out this Saturday already a huge day for sneaker releases.

adidas tonal runner

Adidas came out with a suede and mesh version of the Original Torsion Allegra which sounds like a special allergy medicine but makes a hell of a sneaker instead. The light grey and gum sole make this my favorite of the Original Toner Running Pack that sees colorways in burgundy and black all with the signature gum sole. Grey on sneakers is always a bet maybe it’s the neutral base but probably just because that shit goes with everything. Adidas has been pulling out all the stops in their new designs and I especially enjoy this edition out of the Toner Running Pack.

I feel old at times when I think about toning down the sneakers I be rockin but in reality it’s that the new subtle sneakers are making a bigger statement on the shoe game. In all the madness and clownishness of certain sneakers these days it’s always a bet to cop some of that casual #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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