All Bad Things Come To An End

Transform blogIt was freshman year of college when I was introduced to the antihero Walter White. In the four years between then and now Walter and I are in much different places than where we began. I never envisioned myself a literacy tutor after college but now I’m in the full swing of public service. I also never imagined the journey that Bryan Cranston would portray as Walter White in Breaking Bad, a tale of transformation that horrified some and enthralled everyone. We do what we have to do, evolve or perish in this game for keeps. Sneakers follow that mentality as lineups change like the wind or risk irrelevancy. We strive to be remembered some of our stories just happen to be on television.


There is something to be said about the immense influence that China has on sneaker designs these days. No longer is China solely a production hub, their consumers drive markets and is the beneficiaries of exclusive sneaker releases. The “Shanghai Shen” Air Jordan 5 is another release not to see the States until it is done in Asia. Americans were able to catch a glimpse of this heat at Sneakercon in Washington D.C but no word on any release in the near future. This week another tale of transformation unfolded as Miley Cyrus released a music video for “23” (warning this is a Miley video) with Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. Cyrus’s transformation is not as surprising as Walter White’s but the video does have a bunch of Jordan sneakers in it and “Jordan” is half the words in the lyrics. The Shanghai Shen’s didn’t make the video but these bad boys will be a gift to all Americans when they arrive in the homeland.

campus 80s

Adidas took a page from their past in the release of their “Original Campus 80’s” in burgundy. The color schemes of Adidas have been on point the last few months; I was real hyped for the “Spiezel” out in grey and orange. These pair of Campus 80’s is all suede on the midsole and has red accents on the stripes. The signature touch of this shoe is the nylon mesh heel pull at the back of the shoe. I’m back on a school campus with my new job and I think it only be right if I had a pair of Campus 80’s to keep my feet feeling good throughout the day.


The Stefan Janoski line from Nike SB has some of the strongest designs out of the SB department. I have my eye on about seven different pairs of Janoski’s right now and if I could I’d buy 8 pairs of them because that new ones always around the corner. Currently on the corner is the “Black/Anthracite-University Red” design of the Janoski low. The contrast of the colors is sick and the material of suede and canvas go perfectly. I don’t think I’d skateboard more if I bought a pair of these SB’s but I know I’d be a hell of a lot fresher.

Four years ago I could not imagine how Breaking Bad will end and in less than four days viewers will finally see the story complete. In that same time period the sneaker game has evolved to the point that even I started a blog just to grasp what was going on in the streets. The heat is on for Walter White and for me it’s always hot in the pursuit of #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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