Daunting Endeavors

stand and denzel

The thought of leading adults in an ESL course seemed simple at first and then my first day arrived and I realized I knew little and less about teaching English. Luckily I can speak the language and I brought an expo marker. My first day of teaching became an hour and a half of me writing a sentence about myself and students copying and providing their own responses. Of the hardest things I’ve ever done was winging that ESL lesson and luckily my students praised me for my performance. In that hour and a half of class I realized something about myself I need to try new things in the sneaker game as I’ve been doing in life. I need to get my hands on a collaboration edition of sneakers and also cop my first pair of Vans. I’ll look at two collaborations and a pair of Vans that bring new meaning to the adjective “heat.”


JBF customs went all out in their design of the Nike Dunk Low SB with the “Incomparable Alligator” creation. The shoe’s upper is made of white alligator skin while the tongue and lining use soft brown leather. The laces are leather the midsole is white and the bottom sole is a gum design. One thing for sure is this edition would fill my gators quota and also increase my dunk collection. This collaboration is a testament to the creativity that is unleashed when great minds come together and spark heat.


My roommates in Austin and one back in Virginia only wear Vans and swear to their comfort and freshness. These roommates all happen to be Caucasian and as they only wore one type of shoe I was hesitant to believe in their reviews. In my research for the blog I kept seeing new Vans designs every month each sicker than the last. When I came up on the classic Vans “Snorkel” edition I became a believer. The base of the shoe is an electric blue while orange accents the heel and laces. Its time to change things up a bit in my collection and this pair of Vans would be an eye popping addition.


Concepts decided to do everyone a favor and take another pair of New Balance’s and create art. The 998 “Mint” Concepts cooked up is modeled after the United States Mint. The base of the shoe is mint green in suede. The orange accents along with a few grey ones finalize another successful collaboration. The mint green looks sick and I definitely think these are cleaner than the recent “C-note” release by Concepts. I remember a field trip I took to the U.S mint in 2nd grade and I’m all for nostalgia I need these “Mint” kicks.

It’s going to be year of challenges and I’d feel much better if I had two companies putting my sneakers together. A trusted name like Vans could also appease my need for change and make me feel calm in any situation. Whether I’m teaching kid’s literacy or teaching adults English I need trusted minds to craft my #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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