It’s Turbo Man!

jingle all da wayCould this really be the most wonderful time of the year? I surely believe so because what other time of year would get me two weeks off from work. The final stretch to break consists of four more days and I plan to dramatically read Christmas books to my students all week long with Broadway worthy theatrics. Days off can make me the jolliest person around and I plan to use my good mood to do some positive things these holidays. There’s also no better time of year to reward oneself with a good pair of sneakers as the year closes out and the new one’s just around the corner.

turbo red

The Holidays allow our attire to get eccentric and sneakers are no exception. Nike SB had the holiday “Ugly Sweater” release earlier this month but they were a little much for my taste. The “Turbo Red” SB dunk low is just the right amount of loud for these holidays and can be rocked all year long. Nike SB continues to use premier material for their creations as this edition uses snakeskin and ostrich leather in great contrast. The green swoosh is a great final touch to this festive design and the shoes can be found at sites like Premier.

Nike SB may become a staple of my holidays if they continue to release sick designs in December. The “Turbo Red” dunks look like Santa Claus on feet and that’s something I’m definitely trying to get my hands on. When the times are merry it’s important that we have on our #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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