Farewell 2013

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Christmas hit like a bomb this year. Too much food, too much drink, and too little funds are left. I spent the holiday with the families of two good friends in Austin and one thing was clear, all the kids in their family were killing me in the shoe game. One youngster had the Gamma Blue 11s released a couple days earlier. I asked if he had waited in line to buy them and he looked at me and said “nope I just walked in and got them,” damn you children’s shoe sizes. I didn’t go out and wait in line to get those Jordan’s but I had woken up at 6:30 a.m to try and unsuccessfully scoop a pair online. I learned a lot this Christmas, mainly that the kids will always be a step ahead in the shoe game but also that there’s plenty of heat that require much less effort to acquire.

blue janoski

A New Year’s resolution of mine besides getting healthy is to cop affordable shoe heat. It feels like all the major releases are closer to $200 in price than $100. Luckily the Nike SB Zoom Janoski is looking out for the working American. Usually priced around $80 the lineup churns out heat every month. The new release dubbed “New Slate” uses a blend of blue to form a clean design to the classic SB silhouette. The white sole and black accents look great in contrast with the blue. This pair of kicks is already in stores at select Nike SB retailers and I for one will be in hot pursuit of them.

The New Year brings about great shoe releases and with finances not changing, it’s time to look for cheaper heat. With Nike SB releasing the hits one does not have to lose freshness just because the budget is limited. All I know is in 2014 I’m looking to be relentless in all pursuits with my health, mind and #heatonfeet.

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It’s Turbo Man!

jingle all da wayCould this really be the most wonderful time of the year? I surely believe so because what other time of year would get me two weeks off from work. The final stretch to break consists of four more days and I plan to dramatically read Christmas books to my students all week long with Broadway worthy theatrics. Days off can make me the jolliest person around and I plan to use my good mood to do some positive things these holidays. There’s also no better time of year to reward oneself with a good pair of sneakers as the year closes out and the new one’s just around the corner.

turbo red

The Holidays allow our attire to get eccentric and sneakers are no exception. Nike SB had the holiday “Ugly Sweater” release earlier this month but they were a little much for my taste. The “Turbo Red” SB dunk low is just the right amount of loud for these holidays and can be rocked all year long. Nike SB continues to use premier material for their creations as this edition uses snakeskin and ostrich leather in great contrast. The green swoosh is a great final touch to this festive design and the shoes can be found at sites like Premier.

Nike SB may become a staple of my holidays if they continue to release sick designs in December. The “Turbo Red” dunks look like Santa Claus on feet and that’s something I’m definitely trying to get my hands on. When the times are merry it’s important that we have on our #heatonfeet.

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25 Days of Christmas

xmas homie

One thing’s for sure, the months are flying by. It feels like just yesterday I was starting this blog back in August. The 25 Days of Christmas have officially commenced and being poor has made everything simple. The gifts aspect of Christmas is an afterthought now; it’s all about Christmas music on Pandora and the fresh smell of pine trees. I won’t be going home for Christmas this year so my goal is to volunteer as much as I can and do a little good on Christmas as opposed to before where I just hoped for good presents. Since I plan for such a noble holiday, I do see it fitting that I award myself a new pair of sneaks for all the selfless work I intend to do.

NEw b

New Balance brings out the best heat when it’s a part of the “Made in USA” lineup. The new 996 model is done in suede, mesh and leather to provide pristine comfort. The color scheme uses beige as the base with red, green and black accents on the midsole. The sneaks are currently called the “Green and Red” and will not be released until February. These could be the first sneakers I preorder because there is no way I can pass up a local product this fresh. Luckily places like Titolo let you secure a pair now, meaning my gift could come in February.

The holidays are stressful for everyone, but this year all I’m focused on is survival and acquiring a new pair of sneaks. I doubt a Christmas bonus is in my future so I’ll take the frugal path in early December to get me a little Christmas #heatonfeet.

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Put Me In Coach!


I’m ready to play! As an avid follower of Heat on Feet, I felt that it was time a woman’s voice was added. I wasn’t quite sure how because to be honest, I rely on just a handful of sneakers and don’t follow news on new releases or shop primarily for sneakers. Inspiration hit me when in my inbox, came J’Crew’s new releases. I had to have those beautiful suede classic New Balances.

jcrew grey night 33

The 620’s are a classic men’s style that have been sized down for our dainty feet. They are available in dusty beechwood and misty fog. I have to say, I was originally leaning toward the dusty beechwood, but after recently seeing them both in stores, it’s a tough call to make. Needless to say, I have added them both to my Christmas list. I could easily rock the misty fog with light jeans and a button up shirt, having that neon green give a little bit of pop. The maroon in the dusty fog is the best winter color that will go with just about anything.

jcrew pink man

I have to hand it to J.Crew, they’ve made it easy to get away with rocking sneakers with a dressy outfit. After experiencing a knee injury from walking in the wrong shoes for too long, I have a newfound appreciation for comfort and protecting the old joints. Having that combination of comfort and style is always a win. Am I right? Here’s hoping this year, Santa will bring me a little #heatonfeet.

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Somebody Sign Me


I’ve always imagined that life would be much easier if had a major sponsorship. As a kid I’d joke with around with my friends that our only goal should be trying to get sponsored by any means necessary. Now that I’m older, my desire to get sponsored has only grown stronger. I look around and see teachers, librarians, public servants and think why aren’t these “stars” sponsored? Athletes and celebrities are great but everyday people should be just as coveted from sponsors. There are countless people who do great things for very little money and it would be amazing if companies started highlighting them. If I had Nike in my corner the sky would be the limit on what I could accomplish. I’d volunteer 60 hours a week in public service if Nike was throwing me fresh heat to rock on my feet.

nike-sb-zoom-bruin-gold-snake-01-570x381 Nike SB would be one of the sickest sponsorships to have. There’s countless heat being produced out of that Nike department. Even though all I can do on a skateboard is cruise at average speeds, I can sure rock SB’s with conviction off the board. The recent Nike SB Zoom “Gold Snake” release highlights the strong points of the SB lineup. The clean black suede upper looks sick with the vulcanized white sole. The gold swoosh done in snake skin is the best part of the shoe and completes this lethal design. These kicks are currently available at select Nike retailers and online shops such as Premier.

The only qualms I have with Nike SB is that they release too much damn heat and I have to make tough decisions on which I should cop. The only plausible solution to all of this is Nike reading this blog and putting an end to my conundrum. I’d be a hell of an asset to any shoe company; they should be jumping at the chance to sponsor public service members. We work long hours for little pay and make a significant difference in our community. I’m looking for shoe companies to wake up and start helping out volunteers because we’re in dire need of #heatonfeet.

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Heat Filled Winter

band of bros

The weather is getting cooler in Texas and I couldn’t be happier, I was done with the humid October afternoons. I feel energized by the dip in the temperature, it reminds me of home even though in Virginia it’s a hell of a lot colder and they’re currently awaiting their first snowfall. I consider myself lucky that a fleece will most likely get me through the winter. I’m going to need a new pair of kicks to get my self mentally through this winter because everyone knows the heat starts at the feet.


Asics went all out this season with the “Winter Blues” pack of the Gel Lyte III model. The first design of the pack is done in what I saw as a dark red base, professionals call it merlot. There are blue accents that go great with the white midsole and Asics branding. The second and my favorite of the pack is done in grey suede with blue accents. The shoe looks clean with the white midsole and Asics branding. I always prefer suede due to the comfort that it provides when I’m walking or riding stationary machines. They tend to break in very nicely.


I’m probably not going to be using the Asics pack for running but I could sure use it to keep the heat index high all winter. The Gel Lyte III’s continue to produce must cops for any sneaker aficionado and I for one need a pair. The “Brick and Mortar” pack by Asics definitely piqued my interest but the “Winter Blues” pack has me plotting schemes to land em. My feet are a big concern of mine and I’m a firm believer that Asics know how to cater to those in pursuit of #heatonfeet.

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His Airness

Jordan Hof

1995 was an eventful year; the universe was made right again with Michael Jordan’s return to basketball. His stint playing baseball was finally over and as a four year old I couldn’t have cared less. Many years would pass before I started to care about basketball and more years after to fall in love with the game. The legend who wore 23 had more influence on my feet than any other individual. I kept my first Jordans so clean for a while and then I started hooping seriously and realized they were my comfiest shoes to play in. A year later after putting serious time on the court, the kicks fell apart. I haven’t owned a pair of Jordans since then and I’ve been in serious need for a couple years. December is not that far away and I’m down to get myself a sick pair of Jordans for Christmas, I think I’ve earned em.

Air-Jordan-11-Retro-95-Gamma-Blue-01I’ve wanted a pair of Air Jordan 1’s for a long time, specifically the “Gorge Green” edition. I was highly upset when I had them in my hand just to be told there was only a size 9 and 13. I cursed my size 10.5 feet and left with the next freshest pair of kicks they had. To be that close and fail had my psyche shaken but luckily the AJ1 always delivers. The new pair set to release on December 7th has me rethinking my need for the Gorge Greens. The AJ1 retro 95 “Gamma Blue” is sick and is definitely better than the “Cool Grey” release. The inspiration of this shoe was from the Air Jordan 11 that also sports the “Gamma Blue.” I was a fan of the 11’s but the AJ1 in the Gamma Blue is higher on the heat index. The overall black midsole and upper looks lethal with the icy sole making it one of the cleaner designs in the AJ1 lineup. When I see these shoes it just makes me think I’m not on my hustle hard enough. I need to come up with at least four ways to be able to cop these next month because I need to have them before Saint Nick makes his rounds.

The Retro 95 AJ1 is going to make a huge splash this December and I for one am trying to dive in with em. For too long have I been deprived, next month will end my era on the bench of the Jordan game. The 95 campaign by “His Airness” altered NBA history, the Retro editions pay homage to that momentous year. Even though MJ is long retired, his shoes will never stop making that #heatonfeet.

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