The Fear In All of Us


 While watching Breaking Bad I found myself wondering about all the sneakers I would buy if I had that meth money. Although I’d never actually cook the stuff, Walter White’s ride has given viewers a glimpse of the beast that can live in all of us. Let us not forget that Michael Jordan was villain like in his quest for greatness.

I found it fitting to write about the Jordan “Fear” pack as Walter White’s actions are driven by fear throughout the groundbreaking show. Fear is the driving force in everyone; it brought me to Austin and leads me to creating this blog. What the Jordan “Fear” pack offers is the 3s, 4s, and 5s in a style that would leave any shoe aficionado fearless in walking out the door in them. The official release date has been set for August 24 and if I had that Walter White money I’d be copping all three of those beasts.


 I’ll start in numerical order in discussing this Jordan pack and I have to admit I’m biased towards the 3s as the black cats were one of my favorite shoes back in the day. The “Fear” 3s are straight fire, the overall grey design seems basic but in combination with the light trim and charcoal feel they’re one of my favorite 3s to be released. The orange accents are the strongest aspect of the shoe and in the initial photos on the web I almost missed them but hot damn those make the kicks a weapon in any shoe arsenal.


 If I’m biased towards 3s than I must be prejudiced when it comes to my love of the Jordan 4, my all black 4s kept my feet alive back in my busboy days. If you’re wondering why I’d ever take 4s to a busboy job it’s because I didn’t trust any other shoe to do the job. The “Fear” 4s are my favorite of the pack (shocking, I know) and even though the color scheme is subtle in comparison to the green glow 4s that just came out I like these more. The black, white and grey scheme makes the shoe able to be rocked at any occasion. The dark red springs were the cherry on top to this amazing Jordan 4 release.


 The “Fear” 5s is the most eye catching in the pack as the whole shoe is a shade of olive green. The Jordan 5 is always coming out with bold designs (shout out to the “Bel Air” 5s also due to be released) and the “Fear” is no exception. The black and red accents create a very earthy look in combination with the olive (shout out to mother earth). The outsole, which has been referred to as “icy,” are always a hit when it comes to the 5s especially with the “Fear” 5s making them a shoe to be reckoned with this summer.

 The “Fear” pack is one of the strongest to be released as a unit and if I was monetarily liberated I’d be adding them to my small but growing collection. As I’m bound to the repayment of my esteemed education my admiration of these shoes will only go as close as this blog but respect to those able to cop em, this pack is that #heatonfeet.


About Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.
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